Taking Home Your Sunshine Labradoodle

Buying a puppy is a big decision and a huge commitment. The average lifetime of an Australian Labradoodle is between 15-18 years. It is very important to us that our pups go to a loving and welcoming home with quality care. You can sign up for Australian Labradoodle adoption to bring a furry bundle of joy.

To reserve your Sunshine Labradoodle Puppy….

A deposit of 1/3 down to reserve a male or female puppy is required. Your price for a puppy is currently $2100.00 your choice of puppy will be determined by the order in which your deposit was received by us.

You will be able to make your pick from the litter at about four weeks of age. We will contact you to set up a time for you to come. At the time of your pick an additional payment of 1/3 is due. The balance of 1/3 is due when you take your puppy home with you. 

Health Guarantee

  1. Your Puppy will be in good health, to the seller’s knowledge, from genetic defect and hip dysplasia, Seller has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure the physical, soundness and temperament of the Puppy. To the best of Seller’s Knowledge, the Dog’s sire and dam are free from hereditary defects.
  2. Upon receipt of the Dog, The Buyer has THREE (3) days to take the Puppy to a veterinarian to determine Puppy’s physical condition. If Puppy is found to be in general state of poor health or is found to be seriously ill, the Buyer shall immediately provide Seller with a copy of said report. The Seller will replace Puppy from the next available litter. The request must be made within this time period.
  3. The Puppy will be under warranty against all serious life altering genetic diseases for TWO (2) years.

“The Said dog is warranted against genetic disease until this dog reaches two (2) years of age. Injury sustained by the said dog which may contribute to a health problem voids this warranty. You can sign up for mini Australian Labradoodle adoption to make your life better and blissful. 

In the event said dog is suspect to a Genetic Disease, presentation of medically supported evidence verified by two qualified veterinarians that the dog is physically deficient and not functional for his/her intended purpose as a family pet, must be supplied to the breeder. The dog may be returned to the breeder for a replacement puppy at the first availability. However, should the buyer choose to retain ownership of the dog, upon agreement by both parties, consideration will be given as follows:

If said dog is determined to have a veterinarian confirmed, hereditary health problem, upon confirmation and acceptance by us, at our option, we will reimburse you for veterinary fees for the treatment of said health problem up to but not to exceed 50% of the purchase price of the dog. Treatment that commences prior to approval will not be the responsibility of the breeder.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the dog.”

The puppies will have gone thru initial potty training, socialization and crate training. Your Sunshine Labradoodle will come with the following:

  • 2 Year Health Guarantee
  • Appropriate Shots
  • Necessary De-worming
  • Great Support from A Sunshine Labradoodle!


  1. Buyer agrees to take proper safeguards for the care, safety and well-being of the Puppy including but not limited to a fenced yard, live as a “house dog”, adequate shelter, proper exercise, socialization, human companionship, proper diet, not allowing Puppy to be overweight or obese, obedience training, and mental stimulation. Disregard for any of the above voids any warranties under this Agreement.
  2. Buyer agrees to secure the best veterinary care and attend to the physical and emotional welfare of the Puppy throughout his/her life. Provide routine preventative care including but not limited to keeping vaccinations up to date and keep from internal and external parasites.
  3. Buyer agrees to NEVER give or sell Puppy to any pet store, laboratory, puppy mill, animal shelter, dog pound or similar facilities.
  4. The Health Guarantee above applies only to the Buyer and is not transferable to a subsequent owner. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY

Both parties agree that the damages of any kind by the Buyer that may arise from any breach by the Seller on any condition or warranty in this Agreement, or implied by law shall be limited to the replacement of the Puppy within a one year period. Both parties agree that Breeder shall not be held responsible for the development of disqualifying faults, diseases, disorders or behaviour which are due to the Buyers negligence/environmental factors.


All the terms of the parties’ agreements are incorporated into this document for the mutual benefit of the Buyer as well as the Seller.

The parties expressly agree that this document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous negotiations and agreements in relations to this transaction.

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