Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts

Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts Had been just working through my deck in threes. And realised just how interesting some of the three card-ers were. In the first place, as an email, once I read three cards, we read in a way that is specific that we find helpful – specially with courts. It is adapted from the Personal Prophecy system. Say you’ve got three cards. 1, 2 and 3. If card 3 is a court, we ALWAYS [as a querant] share the communications of cards 1 and 2 with that individual. If card 3 is a court, it is usually somebody else. If card 2 is a court, we ALWAYS share the message of card 1 with that individual. If card 2 is a court, it will always be somebody else. Card 3 is really what the court in card 2 carries. It really is their thing. Their intention. So if the ‘King of Cups’ was in position 2 and held the ‘Empress’ as card 3, we would determine which he ended up being a caring and nurturing person. It really is just like getting a snapshot of the focus or what they need to fairly share with us. I usually consider card 3 because their backpack, if card 2 is a court. Card 1, therefore is, perhaps how it really is distributed to us. Then that is ALWAYS us, as a querant if a court is card 1. We read from left to right. Then when a court is in position 1, it really is exactly how we are represented, with your focus. The following cards, if do not have courts, are purely in what we’re doing. Then the same applies, as mentioned above if a court hits either positions 2 or 3. What exactly is inbetween us or ‘carried’ is the communications between us therefore the court. If there aren’t any courts, it’s purely about us. Check out examples. Since using credit cards, I always utilize this technique. Really disables all of that ‘is the court me or somebody else’ stuff. […]