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Guardian Homes

Welcome to our Guardian Program! A guardian home provides many benefits for the guardian family, the breeder and most importantly the dog.

What Exactly is a Guardian Home?

The guardian home puppy will be a part of the guradian home family forever but the breeding rights are retained by A Sunshine Labradoodle for a set amount of time. Once the guardian dog has completed his/her career he/she will be spayed or neutered at the breeders expense. The dog will then remain as a forever family pet to the guardian.

What is the Cost to being a Guardian?

Guardian Home Families are responsible for general routine veterinary care and wellness of the guardian puppy placed with them, that includes annual vaccines, feeding it high quality dog food, grooming, heatworm, flea and tick prevention, exercise, socialization, and lots of love and care!

Any breeding related medical costs for the guardian dog are at the expense of A Sunshine Labradoodle. Our Guardian homes are only responsible for the maintenance and medical care just as they would to their own dogs.

Benefits of a Guardian Home

A Guardian home gets the very best of an Australian Labradoodle! We choose our breeding dogs based on the best qualities of this unique breed with their temperament coming first. Guardian families receive their guardian puppy completely health tested for breeding at the expense of A Sunshine Labradoodle.

Guardian homes get to enjoy the excitement of being part of our breeding program and see the offspring of the very own guardian dog. Lastly, guardian families ensure that guardian puppies are raised and socialized in a good, happy, loving environment.

Requirements of Becoming a Guardian Home

Guardian Families are required to live within 25 miles of our home for a female and 25 miles of our home for a male. It is necessary you provide a secure and safe environment for the guardian puppy, own your own home, and have a schedule that will allow your puppy not to be left alone for extensive periods.

Guardian puppies MUST be indoor dogs. Guardian families must have reliable transportation and the willingness to bring the guardian dog to us when needed for breeding.

If you receive a guardian puppy we ask for updates and photos for our website. We want to watch our guardian puppies develop and we will occasionally pay consented visits and we ask that guardian families do the same in order get the puppies comfortable with our home for when she will be with us in the future having her babies.

How it Works

Your Guardian puppy will come to you completely tested, and more than likely be a girl. When the guardian dog is in season the guardian family is required to contact us immediately. An intact female usually has a heat cycle that will last between 14 and 21 days.

During this time she will be traveling back and forth for the required breeding. She will be back full time with the guardian family until about 3 days prior to delivery.

At that time, the guardian dog will come back to stay with us throughout her pregnancy and will be returned once her pups are weaned approximately 5 to 6 weeks later. Guardian families are welcomed and encouraged to visit their guardian dog while she remains at A Sunshine Labradoodle.

If you are interested in applying to become a Guardian Family please feel free to contact us at or call us at 727.580.3853

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