Meet Bixby

Bixby is a great dad!! he is a generous producer of fine genuine Australian Labradoodle puppies. He is very calm and very affectionate, loves to travel were ever you are going, work or play and loves boating! He enjoys attention form everyone and cannot wait for a belly rub. Some of his pictures you will see him groomed short and sometimes long he loves to be styling he can wear many hats!!

Meet Cody

Meet Dreamer!

Meet Pearl!

Pearl is a new addition to our family! She comes from His Fame Australian Labradoodles and is registered with the A.L.C.A. She has a beautiful Cream and Apricot coat and is a seasoned mother. Pearl is very play full with all the dogs especially Bixby who is her new found play partner. Pearl loves life with the greatest amount of energy possible. She loves to greet every one in the morning and is very eager to learn new things every day! Pearl is considered a small medium in size.

Meet Bella!

Bella is also a new addition tour family from Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles and is also registered with the A.L.C.A. Bella is a gorgeous Parti color as you can see from the pictures! Bella adds a new variety colors to our program each litter will be a different set of colors. Bella is a very calm and relaxed girl nothing bothers her! She has fit right in with the rest of the gang! She too loves to cuddle with you in the early morning hour of wakening. Loves a good car ride and finds people most interesting to watch. Has great manners and is always ready to please you. Bella is a medium size Labradoodle.

Meet Sheila!

Sheila, She is the “princess” of our females if you cannot already tell by the picture! She loves to watch T.V. and especially the animal channel. She even knows how to wipe her face after taking a drink from her bowl! Sheila is very mind full of her surroundings and is always ready to please. Many of her puppies watch T.V. as well!

Meet Ursa Major!

Named after the stars! Ursa runs the roost! she keeps every one in line. She loves her time traveling in the car, playing on the beach and riding in boats!She produces beautiful pups in a range of colors and coats. She loves all the attention she can get! Walks with you with out a leash but always keeps you in sight.

Meet Phoenix

His Fames Phoenix Has Been A wonderful addition to our AI Program. He Is Regisered With the ALAA